Our Value Proposition

Your business operation flows the way your software applications permit it to flow. In addition to migration, you are probably considering other options such as a manual rewrite or replacement of your DataEase application with an off-the-shelf 'canned' application.

Manual rewrites typically cost ten times as much as our automated solution and come with lengthy timeframes and significant risk of failure.

Replacement of your current software with a 'canned' solution will tie you to a specific vendor and will also mean that you will very likely have to overhaul the way your business operates to match the way the new software operates. This means your personnel will be required to change the way they do things. You may even have to completely reorganize your operation to match the presentation and flow of the new system. Moreover, there likely will be 'holes' in the new software where the package is simply missing one or more functions that you take for granted now. Finally, at the end of the day, your business operation will mimic the operations of any competitor that uses the same software, eliminating any competitive edge you may have built into your business process.

By choosing our migration proposal, you will get to keep doing what you have been doing, just the way you do now, without losing any inherent competitive edge. You will "own" software that runs well on modern computers and is easier to find help for because will be dependent only upon a robust, supportable technology platform that is under constant development from one of the largest companies in the world.