ConnectEase™ is an ODBC driver that opens your previously landlocked DataEase® applications to access by mainstream development, publishing and analytical tools such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Interdev, Borland Delphi, Sybase Powerbuilder, Seagate Crystal Reports and others.

ConnectEase provides a rich set of DataEase-friendly options which makes it simple to begin tapping your DataEase databases via ODBC within minutes of installation.

Key Benefits

  • Permits Incremental Migration of DataEase applications to more robust n-tier platforms.
  • Preserves and extends the life of legacy applications
  • Allows you to integrate data from your DataEase application with other data sources within a single application or report.

Special Features

  • Automatic filtering of 'reserved' characters from table and filter names to meet the stricter requirements of tools such as Access without having to modify your DataEase application.
  • Support for certain DataEase field derivation formulas.
  • You control when and how to enforce rules such as 'Required' or 'Prevent Entry'.
  • Respects DataEase' security attributes.

How to obtain ConnectEase ODBC drivers

ConnectEase is electronically distributed, meaning you can download the product (limited to 100 records returned from a table), try it out with your environment, and, if you like it, buy it on-line and we'll send you a magic code to unlock it.